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NY Times Columnist Condemns Melanie:

With U.S. President George W. Bush leading a charge against the "disgraceful" New York Times, and a conservative talk show host, Melanie Morgan, suggesting that maybe The Times' executive editor should be executed for treason, we face a fundamental dispute about the role of the news media in America.   more...

Melanie Morgan

Melanie Morgan

Melanie Morgan

Thanks for visiting my website!

For first time visitors, let me explain a little bit about who I am and what I do.

Each day I wake up at 3:00 AM to get ready for work, having to be at the studios of KSFO 560 AM at 4:00 AM for the Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan Show — a 4-hour radio program.

From there I race home and take on the duties of wife and mother, picking up my kid from school and taking him to a myriad of school events, activities and sports. In between I am listening to news radio stations, surfing the Internet and watching the cable news networks for the latest news on the war against terrorism.

In the afternoons and evenings I type out dozens of emails to people every single day, working with various individuals in the "Support Our Troops" movement. I also work on my weekly column for WorldNetDaily. (Just a note: I do not get paid for my work with Move America Forward or WorldNetDaily. I do these activities because the cause runs through my veins, and I believe in it passionately.)

I've gone to Iraq to interview our troops — including trips up and down the "Highway of Death." I've launched a national caravan to Crawford, Texas, and a nationwide bus tour stopping for pro-troop rallies in 20 American cities. I've organized 9/11 commemorative events, led a drive to send 15 TONS of coffee, cookies, Gatorade, and beef jerky to our troops.

Despite all of my efforts, it's still not quite enough to propel our pro-troop movement to the success that I know is required. I will not accept failure for our cause, not when it is OUR responsibility as Americans to watch the backs of our troops while they are busy overseas fighting bloodthirsty terrorists who maim and kill in the most gruesome and painful ways their minds can contrive.

All of the items for sale on my website are designed to raise money for my non-profit organization, Move America Forward, and to raise the awareness of the nation in our fight against terrorism.

I'm particularly proud of my new book to be released in October. "American Mourning" was written by myself and my brilliant, amazing friend Catherine Moy. It was inspired by our trip to Crawford, Texas last July to confront Cindy Sheehan's demand for a meeting with President Bush. We had an 'insider' look at her media operation, and it was truly astonishing.

Mostly, though, we wanted to remember her son, Casey, and his best friend, Justin Johnson, who died six days after Casey was killed and to honor both of these extraordinary young men as true American heroes, and all others who sacrificed their lives for the Iraqi people's freedom, as well as their families.

That's why I offer you the chance to help me — because I can't do it alone. Together, we can fight the propaganda that filters its way into the mainstream media, in order to finish our mission in Iraq, and honor our troops worldwide.

I hope you buy the book. I am most grateful for the hugely gratifying support I have received from Americans of all political persuasions who do not want to forget our troops.

God Bless,
Melanie Morgan

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