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The Daily Show Admits Progress in Iraq?

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Those familiar with Comedy Central's The Daily Show — featuring comedian Jon Stewart — will no doubt be familiar with the show's bias against Operation Iraqi Freedom and the efforts of the Bush Administration to combat Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.

But even Stewart and company couldn't deny the progress being made in northern Iraq. The three Iraqi provinces that make up Iraqi Kurdistan have built a peaceful democracy modeled after Western nations.

Not one single Coalition soldier has been killed in Iraqi Kurdistan. No westerners have been kidnapped. And just this past week, Iraqi Kurdistan's regional government passed a new investment law designed to encourage investment by Americans in the region — as they seek to embrace free markets and economic growth. It's all part of Iraqi Kurdistan's effort to reach out to Americans and other westerners as part of their "The Other Iraq" campaign.

So what does someone like Stewart do when confronted with such progress — well, there isn't much else to do but poke fun at the success being made by the Iraqi Kurds. Stewart's schtick is funny, and his humor will bring a smile to your face. But the even bigger smile should come from the recognition that at least part of Iraq is moving forward with the potential for a very bright and promising future. Watch the 1 minute and 35 second clip.

Don't kid yourself...

US Terrorists Map If you think that the Jihadists are all working somewhere "over there" and not engaged in trying to organize right here in America, think again. The Islamic-fascists are serious on-going threat to every man, woman and child in our country. Don't take my word for it...

See the map for yourself. And yes, the San Francisco Bay Area is a "hot-spot" for terrorists.

NY Times Columnist Condemns Melanie:

With U.S. President George W. Bush leading a charge against the "disgraceful" New York Times, and a conservative talk show host, Melanie Morgan, suggesting that maybe The Times' executive editor should be executed for treason, we face a fundamental dispute about the role of the news media in America.   more...

I was named WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD by Keith Olbermann of MSNBC:

June 29: Click here to see me being named "Worst" person in the world.

June 30: Click here to listen to me being named "Worser" person in the world.

The piling on continues at the well-known New Yorker magazine.


Late last month, the Times published a long report by Lichtblau and Risen on the C.I.A.'s and the Treasury Department's monitoring of an international banking database in Brussels to track the movement of funds by Al Qaeda. The Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times very quickly followed with their own articles on the government's monitoring of Al Qaeda's financial transactions, which has been an open secret ever since it was trumpeted by — well, by George W. Bush, in mid-September, 2001. Infuriated that the editors of the Times had not acceded to blandishments to kill the story, Bush and Cheney, in a coördinated offensive, described the Times report as a disgrace and, outrageously, as a boon to further terror attacks.

The ideological noise machine took it from there. A congressman, Peter King, and a senator, Jim Bunning, both Republicans, accused the Times of treason. King, whose contradictory nature once embraced the violent activities of the I.R.A., is now the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security. Curiously, it was King who, in September of 2004, co-chaired a hearing so that a Treasury official could tell the world how the department's programs were driving terrorists out of the banking system; now he speaks of employing the 1917 Espionage Act to investigate and try journalists. Last week, the House approved a resolution condemning the newspapers that published the banking story for placing "the lives of Americans in danger." The resolution passed 227–183, almost completely along party lines. On the airwaves and in the blogosphere, it got uglier. Melanie Morgan, a shouter on northern California's biggest talk radio station, told the San Francisco Chronicle that if Bill Keller, the executive editor of the Times, "were to be tried and convicted of treason, yes, I would have no problem with him being sent to the gas chamber."


So, folks, you can see I lead a very full, productive life battling the Left. Stay tuned for more ridiculous (and very nasty) battles with the Cut-And-Run crowd in this country. It's ALWAYS interesting.

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