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Resting in the ground of their hometowns are two soldiers – Justin and Casey – friends who lost their lives in the name of freedom. Justin's final resting place is decorated with handmade flags. For two years, Casey's had no marker to tell the world that he lived, fought, and died a hero. American Mourning is the story of the anguish that overwhelmed two American families and divided a nation as the families' dramatically different responses to their grief shocked the country.

American Mourning describes not only the loss of two young men, but also exposes the drama, corruption, and sadness during their loved ones' journeys of mourning.

'American Mourning'
Rips Open the Wounds of War

By Dave Eberhart — Wednesday, 10/11/06

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San Francisco and Washington Examiner:
Good mourning, America
By Kathleen Antrim — Monday and Tuesday, 10/9/06 and 10/10/06

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Human Events:
How Cindy Sheehan Became Star of Left
By Larry Kelley — Tuesday, 10/17/06

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Hannity & Colmes:
'Peace Mom' Cindy Sheehan Exposed
Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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American Mourning

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American Mourning: The Intimate Story of Two Families Joined by War, Torn by Beliefs by Melanie Morgan and Catherine Moy... Coming October 15th!

American Mourning exposes the raw and powerful effects of the ultimate sacrifice. Arguably the most poignant portrayal of love, loss, and grief that polarizes our nation today. It moved and astounded me. — New York Times bestselling author and columnist, David Limbaugh

American Mourning is a beautiful, raw war story that breaks the hearts and strengthens the resolve to protect American from her enemies. It pits Cindy Sheehan against other grieving parents who vehemently disagree with the Peace Mom. The truth in these pages is stunning. — New York Times bestselling author, and frequent talk show guest, Ann Coulter

Cindy Sheehan and Jan Johnson lost their sons in the war on terror; but the media only told the Sheehan story. American Mourning tells both sides of the story: the strength of grieving families and the personal effects of war on the country. The truth in this book will set you free. — New York Times bestselling author and co-host of Hannity and Colmes

As a commonsense liberal who hates dictators but finds great fault with the prosecution of this war; I approached American Mourning with trepidation. I was soon moved to tears by both the Sheehan and Johnson clans, who lost sons and chose different outlets for their grief. Bravo, Ms. Morgan and Ms. Moy. — New York Times bestselling author, screenwriter and documentarian James De

Catherine Moy and Melanie Morgan eloquently share the heart-wrenching and inspiring stories of two men who fought and died as heroes in the war on terror. Their stories illuminate the hell that our servicemen and women face every day in their struggle to keep that hell from reaching our homes. — New York Times bestselling author, retired Lt. Col., USAF, and Chief Operating Officer of the David Horowitz Freedom Center

American Mourning puts a face on two magnificent heroes who great deeds and unimaginable sacrifices are all but ignored by the media, which undermine the war effort by, among other things, promoting Cindy Sheehan to the exclusion of most of the other Gold Star Families — New York Times bestselling author and radio host

Melanie's face is familiar to millions of Americans. She's been a frequent guest on ABC's Politically Incorrect, CNN's TalkBack Live, and Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes. Her successful fight against a chronic gambling addiction led to the Lifetime Cable Television movie "High Stakes." Later CBS News broadcast an entire hour about her remarkable life on their prime time news program "48 Hours."

At the age of 16, Melanie Morgan began her career as a radio broadcaster at Lindenwood College in St. Charles, MO. She has worked for radio and television stations in Joplin, MO., Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle.

She has over 30 years experience in the broadcast media . Her work has ranged from investigative journalism to "hot spot" reporting for ABC News, general assignment and business reporting. For the past eleven years she has been co-host of one of San Francisco's most listened to talk shows weekday mornings on KSFO Radio.

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