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Here are my favorite websites for people to get involved in fighting for conservative causes.

I visit all these websites on a daily basis. I do not crack open a microphone until I have read every daily posting. They inform me, agitate me, enlighten me (and occasionally tickle me.)

I have listed them in alphabetical order, because I don't want to affront many of my friends who work at these websites/blogs. They are all wonderful people, and are engaged in a ceaseless effort to bring us information and commentary that the Elite Media stubbornly refuses to do.

If I had to pick a favorite (please, please don't make me do this!) I would choose Lucianne.com, (Miss G. is the Doyenne of conservative websites and a frightening adversary of stupidity) MichelleMalkin.com, (the brightest journalist of her generation — strike that — of her time) NewsMax.com, and Newsbusters.com for a daily "must read." Activist websites include my own MoveAmericaForward.com, and FreeRepublic.com, as well as ProtestWarrior.com (Kfir and Alan are screamingly funny in fighting the left.)

Also, one of my favorite columnists to whom I have not provided a link because he is now nationally syndicated in hundreds of newspapers is Jonah Goldberg. He is a semi-regular guest on our morning show at KSFO. (Insider gossip) Jonah is at his best when he's really, really hung-over.

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